Employers in Singapore are increasing more open to hiring persons with disabilities.

Alvin Lim, CEO Bizlink Centre told Channel News Asia that 20 percent more job vacancies have been registered with Bizlink, a job placement agency for persons with disabilities, compared to the year before. A total of 389 jobs were open to persons with disabilities at a job fair in Aug 2013, organized by North East CDC, Workforce Development Agency and Bizlink Centre.

Job placement services for persons with disabilities help provide job-matching services. Through placements services, persons with disabilities avoid having to manage disability disclosure on their own and employers benefit from having a neutral party who can provide advice on disability management.

Disclosure is necessary in order for persons with disabilities to request for job accommodation. ForEmployers.com defines accommodation as “modifying a job, job site, or way in which a job is done so that a persons with disability can have equal access to all aspects of work.”

According to Jeffrey Chin, senior assistant director from the Society for the Physically Disabled, job seekers with disabilities fear discrimination and hesitate in disclosing their disability. The outcome of disclosure depends largely on whether the employer is equipped with knowledge and resources to make the necessary job accommodation.

Sharing the Lion City is embarking on a survey on general disability awareness amongst employers in Singapore. If you are a hiring manager or human resource practitioner in Singapore, please support us by completing the survey below.

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Another barrier towards disclosure lies on the part of individuals with disabilities. Job seekers with disabilities may believe that disclosure brings about discrimination due to negative experiences which they have had in the past.

Sharing the Lion City will be embarking on a separate survey to find out the perceptions of job seekers on disclosure.