SINGAPORE – Lim Koon Heng, was confined to his home for 10 years after a road traffic accident which left him unable to walk and use his hands. Unwilling to burden his elderly parents with carrying him on his wheelchair down a flight of stairs to the lift landing, Lim sacrificed his freedom and remained at home.

It was only after moving to a new apartment which was on the level of the lift landing that Lim was able to leave his home on his own.Today, Lim travels independently around his neighborhood using his motorized wheelchair. The motorized wheelchair has also enabled him to work as an IT Support Assistant where he responsible for setting up and configuring computers and trouble shooting problems that may arise.

“My powered wheelchair enables me to carry the computer on my lap and transport it around in my workplace,” Lim said.

Lim travels to work on a wheelchair-accessible mini-bus equipped with hydraulics that lift him on his motorized wheelchair onto the vehicle.

Without barrier-free environments, his motorized wheelchair and accessible transportation, Lim would not be able to work or travel around his neighborhood.